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Beginner Pickling Class + Intro to Italian Oil Preserving


Sunday October 8th from 12-3pm

This beginner pickling class is all about making delicious pickles, learning how to preserve them and also learning how to preserve vegetables in oil! 

Preserving vegetables in oil has deep roots in Italian heritages! For this class we will be pickling mushrooms and eggplant! Each participant will be making 2 different jars, one of traditionally canned pickles, and the second will be an oil preserve.

During the class we will enjoy Italian sodas made from jam! 

In the class we will go over local agriculture and nutrition, how sustainability directly affects our health and our community, canning supplies, myths, methods and step by step procedures. You'll be emailed a booklet with everything mapped out in detail to help you begin urban canning small batches on your own! You'll also take home a jar of pickles you created yourself!

The class is $65 and there are 14 seats available! 

at The Urban Canning Company Kitchen
1040 4 Street N St. Pete 33701