Blackberry Honey Jack Gin Cocktail


Remember that Thyme Gin we posted about yesterday? We couldn’t wait to put it to use with our newest limited seasonal Blackberry Honey Jack! The herbal flair of juniper berries and thyme in the gin paired with our cozy, boozy jam makes a drink we can’t stop sipping!

Pre-orders for this super limited jam are happening NOW through Tuesday! It’s the only way to secure a jar and be able to sip delish cocktails all summer long. Cheers!

Blackberry Honey Jack Gin Cocktail

Makes 1 12oz drink


• 1.5oz of your DIY Gin
• 3 tbsp of Blackberry Honey Jack jam
•Seltzer water or La Croix
•Herbs for garnish

1. Shake your gin and jam together until mixed. Add to jar and top with seltzer water.

2. Stir vigorously, top with fresh herbs for garnish and enjoy!

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