DIY Thyme Gin


We LOVE a good cocktail over here, and one day while searching for delicious new recipes to try we saw that gin is essentially made from distilled alcohol and botanicals (mainly juniper berries). That got us interested because a) so many cocktails call for gin, and b) that made us realize we could made our own and add whatever botanicals we wanted!

Here’s som fun facts you may not know about gin:

  1. It isn’t meant to be consumed on by itself, it’s an alcohol designed for cocktails!

  2. There are more classic cocktails made with gin than any other spirit.

  3. A martini was originally always with gin, not vodka! It wasn’t until a campaign from Smirnoff in the Mad Men days, that vodka became the main spirit for a martini

  4. It can be medicinal depending on what is inside, especially the juniper berries.

  5. Gin is flavored vodka.

As you know with different gin brands, you get different types of botanicals like florals, citrus, herbs and more that come alive in your cocktail. We have a fun drink coming up and wanted to make a herb-forward gin to pair well with our flavors. It’s so SIMPLE and EASY, you’ll be experimenting with flavors over and over!

DIY Thyme Gin

Makes approximately 6 cups (this recipe can be multiplied or halved to make more or less)

• 2 bottles of good quality vodka (we prefer local Banyan Reserve)
• 2 tbsp of juniper berries
• 1/2 tsp of all spice berries
• 8 cardamom pods or 1/8 tsp of cardamom seeds
• 8 pink peppercorns
• 2 tsp of dried thyme or rosemary

Instructions for DIY Gin:

1. Add the juniper berries and vodka to your jar. Shake the mixture briefly and set it aside for 24 hours.

2. The next day, add the rest of your spices. Shake the bottle again, and wait 12 more hours.

3. Then strain your gin into a new bottle using cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer.

4. Label your gin creation and enjoy with cocktails!

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