Farm Visit: Hamblin Hills Farm


Remember our pickled egg recipes from a couple weeks ago when we used Hamblin Hills Farm fresh eggs? We loved the eggs so much we knew we wanted to visit the farm, and learn a little bit more about what they do.

Bill and Frances Hamblin are the owners of Hamblin Hills Farm located in Parrish, FL and work it themselves. When you arrive you instantly get an old Florida feel with huge oak trees and tons of low hanging moss. The yard just keeps going and going and you can instantly spot a farm cat or two. The Hamblin’s love cooking and eating delicious food, which eventually led them to think about more than just the meal but the ingredients themselves. How were they raised? Was is it grown humanely and sustainably? Was it trucked across the country or even brought in from another country? The word “fresh” became very important!

In 2013, living in Tampa at the time, they invested in a few backyard chickens for fresh eggs. And you could say that after that, they were hooked on being able to source their own food instead of relying on the grocery store. They wanted to know where their chicken, beef, honey, pigs, and more came from!

Flash forward to now, and with the 10 acres on their farm they have lots of plans. With a strong commitment to ethical, local, and wholesome farming, they offer pasture-raised eggs, chicken, and beef. All of the animals are raised on pasture and live out their lives enjoying fresh green grass and sunshine. The Hamblins raise them using methods that leverage symbiotic relationships among species and their environments to produce amazing tasting food while doing their part to ensure sustainability of the land. The animals are cared for and loved from the moment they arrive on their land, to the time they end up on your plate.

We can’t stress enough how knowing where your meat comes from makes such a huge difference in the industry and your body. There is a way to eat responsibly and healthfully. Knowing your local farmers is an important step in going back to our agricultural roots and connecting with our food!

Right now, there are a few ways you can source eggs and meat from Hamblin Hills Farm. If you live in Parrish, St. Petersburg, or Oldsmar, FL they provide weekly pick-up. All you have to do is message, call, or email them to arrange it!

You can also find them at the following markets:

  1. World of Beer (WOB) Westchase – Tuesday Night Run Club (every other Tuesday)

  2. World of Beer (WOB) Westchase – First Friday Market

  3. Corporate Ladder Brewing (Palmetto, FL) – Quarterly Small Business Saturday Market


Feel free to give them a follow on Instagram (@hamblinhillsfarm) and say hello, or shoot them an email at if you have any questions!