Easter #urbantips: Deviled Eggs

You know those left over dyed Easter eggs you have lying around that may not make it to Easter? Don’t throw ‘em out! Make our favorite Deviled Eggs with them!

All you need is some mayo, our Habanero Dills, and some spices (bonus if you’ve made our pickled celery because it’s bomb in these too). Let’s do it!


Deviled Eggs


• one dozen hardboiled eggs left over from Easter dyeing
• mayo
• chopped Habanero Dills
• chopped pickled celery
• turmeric
• salt
• pepper
• dill leaves

1. Peel your eggs and cut them in half.

2. Scoop out all of the yolks into a bowl and add all ingredients to your tastes.

3. Mash and mix with a spoon and scoop into a pastry bag or ziplock (cut the corner). Squeeze the filling equally into each egg and top with a dill leaf! Enjoy!

Enjoy! Have a happy Easter!

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