Breakfast Board with Berries + Thyme Jam


Are breakfast boards the new charcuterie board?! Our answer is Y-E-S! We’re wishing for the weekend right now so we can throw one of these boards together and eat some breakfast in bed. You may be wondering what to use your new Berries + Thyme with, and breakfast food is one of our favorite ways!

To make a bomb breakfast board you need:

•Something sweet
•Something salty
•Something carby (or a few things let’s be real)
•Something with protein

So you know we’ve got you covered with something sweet, our Berries + Thyme jam! We slather it on yogurt, waffles, croissants, or all bread of any kind really. The thyme adds a hint of earthy, savory flavor that goes well with anything breakfast.

For the salt, we had to have bacon. Because what would a breakfast be without it? And you can tell we like carbs because on our perfect breakfast board there’s at least 2; waffles and croissants!

To add some healthiness and filling protein we added eggs and a bowl of greek yogurt into the mix, as well as some fresh blueberries!

The sky is the limit with these boards! Put your own spin on it by adding some cheese, biscuits, oatmeal and more!

What would YOU add to your ideal breakfast board?



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