Cuban Sandwich with Sweet German Mustard


If you live in the Tampa Bay Area, there’s like a 99% chance you love Cuban sandwiches or have at least tried them. They’re a staple over here, originating in Ybor City. There’s nothing like a warm crunchy sandwich with ham, pork, pickles, swiss cheese, and mustard.

We used our Sweet German mustard on our take of a cuban to add a sweet and savory layer to the sandwich. We also of course used our Habanero Dills for a garlicky spicy kick. When you make a cuban at home be sure to get the best bread. We used cuban bread from La Segunda, a bakery in Ybor that has made cuban bread for a very very long time. (We found our bread at Lucky’s St Pete!)

So basically you build your sandwich first. Spread Sweet German mustard on one or both pieces of bread. Stack slices of ham, pork, and swiss cheese to your liking. Then slice our Habanero Dills in thin strips and place on top of the cheese. Close the sandwich and slather the outside in butter.

Then place your sandwich in a medium hot cast iron. We like to take a another pan or a foil-covered brick and place it on the sandwich to press it and give it a good crisp on the outside. Leave like that for a few minutes and flip, repeating that same step.

Then, eat while it’s hot and enjoy!

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