HotDogs 4 Ways


Summer dogs are such an easy and crowd pleasing cookout favorite. But it's so easy to bump them up a notch! We wanted share our favorite ways of using our pickles and mustard on hotdogs to elevate them to that next level, with basically ZERO prep time needed!


Hot Dogs 4 Ways

Sriracha Okra + Spicy Stout Mustard
The sweet, smokiness of the okra pairs perfectly with the heat of our Spicy Stout Mustard.

Chili Brussels + Sweet German Mustard
The savory goodness of  our brussels are so good with a salty hot dog, but adding some sweet heat from out Sweet German adds a little something extra.

Ginger Beets + Spicy Stout Mustard
Sweet and tangy beets are balanced out with our savory and spicy mustard to give you the best of both worlds, on one dog!

Habanero Dills + Sweet German Mustard
Our dills and Sweet German are a tasty balance between heat and sweet, savory and spicy. 


What are your favorite foods to top with pickled condiments?

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