Urban Tips: Fruit Scrap Vinegar

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As you know, we're pretty big on not letting anything go to waste. Now that it's summertime and everyone is feeling in the mood to eat some fruit, it's time to save those scraps! Since it's Georgia peach season, we've been processing a lot of peaches. Your scraps of peach make a wonderful vinegar to use in your cooking or cleaning. You may be wondering how these peach scraps will turn into vinegar. It's all through the magical (ok, natural) powers of fermentation! Read below to see how this #urbantip is done.

How to make Peach Scrap Vinegar:

  1. Add peach scraps to a gallon jar.
  2. Pour purified water over the peach scraps leaving about a 1 1/2 inch head space,  pour 1 cup sugar over top and stir.
  3. Cover the jar with a large piece of cheese cloth (this protects from flies and other things). Secure it down with twine or a rubber band. 
  4. Leave the jar at room temp for several months. Once you begin to notice bubbles forming in the jar you'll know it's fermented. *Stir twice everyday throughout the entire process*
  5. Using a colander strain the mixture. What's left is called a fermented juice!
  6. Pour the juice back into the gallon jar and cover with cheese cloth again. Allow it to continue to ferment for about 3 weeks more.

You might notice floaters that look like jelly fish growing in your vinegar, those are the mothers and should remain in the vinegar. They can grow new vinegar life! After 3 weeks the vinegar should be ready to use. I always save some of it and the mother in a separate jar to help jump start the next batch of vinegar. 

Happy summer and happy homesteading! We'd love to see your fruit scrap vinegar, so tag us or use the #urbancanningco on Insta to share your progress with us! 

Comment below if you have any questions for us!

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