Perfect Pairings: Blue Cheese and Blueberry Lavender Jam

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In the kitchen we're always looking for something to snack on with cheese. Because, cheese makes us happy! (Raise your hand if you think cheese needs it's own place on the food pyramid by itself! We can't be the only ones!)

But it's Wednesday, and sometimes you need that extra push to get through the rest of the week. Our pairing of cheese and jam today will give you that thing to look forward to on the other side of hump day. Today is all about the blue's: blue cheese and blueberries. We're pairing a hunk of melt-in- your-mouth, tangy blue with our sweet, and floral Blueberry Lavender jam.

It's just the kind of elevated flavor for your palate that will taste decadent, but take NO time, making it a perfect snack (or let's face it...meal)! Toast some thin slices of baguette, pour yourself a glass of red wine, and relax!

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