Father's Day Gift Guide

Dad's can be hard to shop for! But most Dad's are pretty easy to please with food. So we put together different trios of preserves you can bundle for your Dad based on his specific tastes. Remember, if you purchase any three of our preserves in-store or at the markets, you get one jar half off! (3 for $25)

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For the Beer Lover

If your Dad would prefer to spend weekends at one of the awesome craft breweries we have, then this bundle is perfect for him! Our two mustards are made with beer from Green Bench Brewery. Sweet German will be sweet with some spice, and the Spicy Stout will bring the heat with chili flakes and black pepper. And while they're sipping on their favorite beer, Habanero Dills will hit that spicy, snacking spot!

Photo Jun 06, 4 30 06 PM_preview.jpg

For the Pickle Person

Give your Dad something to snack on when he opens the fridge! This combo of pickles hits all the flavors he could ask for. Our Chili Brussels, will make even a brussels sprouts hater fall in love with it's super savory cumin and chili pepper (seriously, they're that good). Sriracha Okra, is full of sweet smokiness, with a little bit of heat, and essential in a Bloody Mary. Finally Habanero Dills, bring some REAL heat and the perfect amount of garlic. We'd like to see him eat more than one at a time!

Photo Jun 06, 4 31 47 PM_preview.jpg

For the Spice Guy

This is for the Dad who says there's never too much heat! We rounded up our spiciest preserves to make his tastebuds dance. Again, we have Habanero Dills (we've never met a Dad who DIDN'T love these), they are definitely our spiciest preserve and and spice lover will eat these up! Pear Habanero is a wonderful jam that is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. It also happens to be amazing for grilling any and all kinds of protein. Top it all off with our Spicy Stout mustard and your spice guy is going to be satisfied!

Photo Jun 06, 4 34 31 PM_preview.jpg

For the Sweet Tooth

Not all Dads prefer savory or spicy things! These jams are for the Dad who prefers all things sweet! We rounded up our sweet and delicious jams, that are great for morning toast, quick PB+J lunches, or in an after work cocktail. Caramel Apple will remind him of his Mom's apple pie, while Peppered Strawberry is fresh and sweet, and Chai Grape will brighten his mornings.

We hope you find these bundles helpful!