Urban Tips: Orange Peel House Cleaner


Here at the kitchen we end up with a lot of compost and we are constantly trying to figure out ways to reuse our food scraps! One of our favorite ways to reuse orange, lemon or lime peels (or even after you squeeze the juice out of them just the whole used citrus piece) is to make all-purpose house cleaner with them! Not only is this recipe for home made cleaner better for the environment, it's cheaper than most other products on the market and it's healthier for you and your family! 

Orange Peel All-Purpose House Cleaner


  • Left over citrus peels or scraps
  • White Vinegar
  • Essential Oils; We used Pine, Rosemary and Lemon


  • 1 large mason jar, we used a 1 gallon jar
  • Measuring cups
  • Funnel
  • Dropper for essential oils
  • Spray Bottles 


  1. Save your citrus peels or scraps. As you save them up add them to the large mason jar.
  2. Cover the peels with enough white vinegar to reach the top of the peels. 
  3. Close the jar with a lid and allow it to sit for at least 2 weeks. Our's sit for months! As we collect more citrus scraps we just add it to the jar and cover with more vinegar if needed.
  4. After it's cured for as least 2 weeks it's ready to use! 
  5. To fill an 8 oz spray bottle we mix 1 cup water with 1 cup citrus vinegar using a funnel.
  6. To the spray bottle add 5 drops of each essential oil; Pine, rosemary and lemon.

You can use this All-Purpose Cleaner for anything, including floors!

For a list of other essential oils you can use in cleaning click here!


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