Florida Blueberry Season Is Here!

IMG_0327 2.JPG

The only thing that makes Florida strawberry season ending feel better is that Florida blueberry season begins! We are just at the very beginning of the season and we have been checking in on our favorite farmer, Sue at Blues Berry Farm, all year long and holding our breath for word that the blueberries were coming, and now they are! 

This past Wednesday I came out to pick up our first harvest of blueberries from the farm! Sue always takes me up and down each row teaching me about the different varieties she's growing, details about their sustainable farming methods and which blueberries are ready for the picking! I can't tell you all enough how amazing it is to work so closely with our blueberry farmer. 

After the blueberries are harvested I bring them back to the kitchen for processing and they are canned into jam the very next day! I can confidently say our Blueberry Lavender Vanilla Jam is one of the freshest jams around! 

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