Pickle Adventures: Maker's Summit + Greenville, SC


A couple years ago my partner in crime, Jamie O'Berry asked me and 2 other local woman business owners to attend the Maker's Summit in Greenville, SC, a two day conference for creative entrepreneurs. I had never been before, but also I had never spent any time with the other 2 woman coming with us and we were going to drive there! Now being on the road can be hard with people you love and like, let alone with kinda strangers. What could have been a recipe for disaster turned into one of the most incredible girl's weekends I had ever been on. On our way up we totally cheesed out and took turns telling each other our story and how we built our businesses up, what our challenges were and what we were winning at. As great of a time as I had with these ladies, the conference itself was just as amazing. It's a two day jammed packed event stuffed with workshops, peer groups, key note speakers and mixers. I left there so full of inspiration, knowledge, and with 2 new friends (not to mention Miss Jamie). 

I wasn't able to attend last year because I had a business trip to Portland planned around the same time, but this year I just had to go when I found out who the key note speakers were! Jen Gotch, founder of Ban.do, and a personal idle of mine, Jeni Britton Bauer, founder of Jeni's Ice Creams

This year not only did Jamie ride up with me, we also had another new friend come, Sam, founder of Night Shift Wax Co. I had never spent any time with Sam prior to the road trip really, but in true Summit fashion the trip turned out to be absolutely incredible! Not only did we all have a blast getting to know each other better, we took away so much from the summit. I took workshops on public relations, how to create projections and we also got to learn from the founder of Citizen Supply in Atlanta and Dapper Ink in Greenville. While I was learning at the summit Kaitlon set up at one of our stockists located in Greenville, Swamp Rabbit

I can't tell you all enough how much I love the Maker's Collective. If you own a small niche business or are thinking of starting one I recommend you come to the summit! It's every March. Follow this link for more details!