Our Favorite Bloody Mary


It’s Halloween evening, and instead of snacking on candy, we’re really craving a BLOODY Mary. Get it? Halloween? Blood? *Dad jokes*

But seriously, while Bloody Mary’s are generally a morning/brunch time drink, it’s also delicious any time of the day. Tonight you know we’re sipping on a Bloody Mary, binging on Netflix, and ok, probably eating some candy too. Read below for our favorite Bloody Mary drink, which includes our 3 FAV savory pickles: Habanero Dills, Sriracha Okra, Chili Brussels


Our Favorite Bloody Mary

Serves 2

• 8oz Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix or your favorite

• 4 oz vodka

Chili Brussels

Habanero Dills

Sriracha Okra

• Hot Sauce and lemon juice optional

1. Add zing zang and vodka to a jar with ice. Add hot sauce and lemon juice if desired. Close and shake.

2. Garnish with all your favorite pickles and enjoy!

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