Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipe Roundup


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, as in, one week from now! How did that happen? Where has the year gone? If you’ve caught yourself asking the same questions and feel a little overwhelmed at the upcoming festivities, we have got your back!

We pulled some of our favorite appetizers and drinks from our recipe archives that will be delicious for Thanksgiving Day while everyone is waiting for that turkey!

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Cranberry Pistachio Cheese Log With Mint

This log features our Cranberry Whiskey Jam! Just top a log of goat cheese with jam and sprinkle on pistachios and mints. Super easy, and super delicious! Get recipe here.


Everything Bagel Goat Cheese Balls

We think these goat cheese balls pair deliciously with ANY of our pickles. For an appetizer, we would create a simple board with some Habanero Dills, Sriracha Okra, Chili Brussels, and a pile of Ginger Beets. Add your cheese balls, and a variety of crackers, and you’re set. Could it be simpler or tastier? Get the recipe here.


Ginger Beets + Brie Crostini

The three B's you cannot go wrong with: Beets, Brie, and Bread! It's a super simple appetizer that pairs beautifully with wine and takes about 5 min of prep time. Just make sure you grab a jar of Ginger Beets! Get the recipe here.

Brie with Cranberry Whiskey Jam, Pecans, and Bacon

We topped a wheel of Brie with Cranberry Whiskey jam, fried up some bacon and crumbled it over the top, and added some rosemary and pecans. YUM it’s like the holidays in one bite! Get the recipe here.

How To Build a Butcher Board

On a great board each part of your palette gets exercised and you can come up with different flavor combinations making it a great crowd pleaser for dinner parties, as well! In this blog, you learn how to create the perfect board with balanced flavors. Don’t forget your pickles, jams, and mustards! Get the recipe here.


Spiced Apple Ginger Spritzer

We took this recipe calling for Caramel Apple jam, and replaced it with our Spiced Apple Jam. Is there anything more cozy and fall? Add a little whiskey and homemade fermented wild ginger soda(or ginger beer), and you’ve got a warming, spicy cocktail on your hands! Get the recipe here.

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