Cheese Please: Brie with Cranberry Whiskey Jam, Pecans, and Bacon


We couldn’t kick off launching Cranberry Whiskey jam without including a recipe involving cheese. For us, Cranberry Whiskey jam fully ushers in the good feelings about the holidays, family, and delicious cozy food. This appetizer or evening nosh with wine is the perfect way to start off your November right this weekend.

We topped a wheel of Brie with jam, fried up some bacon and crumbled it over the top, and added some rosemary and pecans. YUM it was like fall and winter in one bite! Did we mention it’s super easy and fast to make?

As most of you know, Cranberry Whiskey is our beloved holiday jam featuring cranberries, whiskey, and spicy cloves. So that means it has the perfect balance of tart, sweet, and spiced goodness. Cranberry Whiskey jam pairs well basically everything holiday oriented! We’re talking turkey, ham, biscuits, cheese logs, leftover turkey sandwiches, cocktails, and the list goes on! You can still pre-order Cranberry Whiskey jam until Sunday, OR catch us at the Saturday Morning Market and Indie Street Market on Saturday in Saint Pete!


Brie with Cranberry Whiskey Jam, Pecans, and Bacon

Serves 6

• wheel of Brie cheese

Cranberry Whiskey jam

• a few strips of bacon

• pecans

• fresh rosemary separated from the stem

• crackers

1. Heat up your cast iron skillet and fry up your bacon to the crunchy level you desire.

2. Place the wheel of brie on whatever serving platter you will use, and place a few heaping spoonfuls of Cranberry Whiskey on top.

3. Next, crumble the bacon into bits and sprinkle onto the jam.

4. Top it off with pecans and fresh rosemary.

5. Add some crackers and a cheese knife and enjoy!

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