Goat Cheese Log with Caramel Apple Sea Salt Jam

So this news is going to be pretty exciting for some people. One of our seasonal jams, by popular demand, is now available all year round! It's our Caramel Apple Sea Salt Jam! Luckily we are able to source USA grown apples all year round and we now will be making this sweet, decadent fair inspired jam all the time! 

This jam is hard not to love. It all came to be a few years back after I had gone to the Florida State Fair. When I got home I had an itch to create a jam that tasted like the fair to me. It's warm, buttery and sweet, with a hint of tangy sea salt.

One of my favorite ways to eat it is on a goat cheese log. No recipe necessary! You just get a log of goat cheese, roll it chopped walnuts, cover with Caramel Apple Sea Salt Jam, and then serve it on crackers or apple slices! Try it for yourself! 

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