Perfect Pairings - Chai Red Grape Jam + Chai Spice Nut Butter

A couple of years ago I was shopping in this cute little store over in Dunedin, which has unfortunately closed, and that's the first time I came across Big Spoon Roaster's nut butters. At that time the nut butters were packaged in simple 1/2 pint mason jars and the aesthetic really appealed to me having just started The Urban Canning Company. I perused the flavors available and I was so inspired by the profiles! I made my first Big Spoon purchase that day, Chai Spice, and I fell in love with it quickly! This nut butter is actually what inspired me to make Chai Red Grape jam! The two pair so well together for a modern spin on the classic PB&J. 

Not only were the aesthetics and flavors appealing, Big Spoon Roasters shared like minded sensibilities with me and where I was going with food. Mark, the founder, is inspired by his heritage and sustainability. All the nuts used in his butters are carefully selected and blended with raw wildflower honey. They utilize local ingredients produced by true craftsman. Each and every jar is made by hand, and filled by hand. I've seen his business grow over the years and I know what hard work goes into hand making and filling every jar! 

Over the next few weeks we are going to share some perfect pairings in collaboration with Big Spoon! Here we've paired the chai jam and nut butter with walnuts and gluten free bread from local bakery, Sami's.

Their Chai Spice nut butter is created with a traditional Masala Chai blend of cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and black pepper combined with American peanuts, almonds and wildflower honey. You can find the nut butter online or locally at Locale Gourmet Market, Artisan Cheese Company and A Savory Palate (both of which also carry Urban Canning!) If you get a chance you should definitely pick up a jar and taste the difference their hand crafted nut butter offers.