Pickle Feature! - Mexicali Carrots + Red Onion Pickles

In Mexico they have a pickle called Rajas. It's normally mixed vegetables like carrots, onions and sometimes cauliflower pickled with habanero. These are an ode to them. Instead of habanero we've added jalapeño along with Mexican oregano, garlic, cumin seeds and red onion! They taste wonderful on tacos, salads, cheese burgers, atop chili or beans, or as an accoutrement to mojo pork or chicken. They also taste great with eggs and avocado for a savory brunch or breakfast!

Carrots on their own are a sweet vegetable, but when blended with brine become a combination of sweet and tart. The cumin and Mexican oregano add a smokey layer while the garlic and onions create a piquant zing; then at the end you're left with an earthy bite from the jalapeños making them comfortably spicy.

You can find these pretty things out at the farmer's markets with us and they are coming to our online store which will be launching soon. If you've had a chance to pick them up we'd love to see how you're using them! Use hashtag #theurbancanningco and find us on Instagram @theurbancanningco. To see a list of our markets and events head over to our Markets + Events page! Cheers!