Seminole Pumpkin Butter

Seminole Pumpkin is a heritage pumpkin native to Florida. Known as the "chassa howitska" by the Miccosukee people, which means hanging pumpkin because they would commonly plant them at the base of a tree so that they would grow up the tree's trunk as a vine, it is very important to them and to Florida. This variety of pumpkin is endangered, sadly, but we've got a ton of seeds we've saved! They grow very well here in the Florida heat and they repel pests with their thick outer skin.

This variety of pumpkin is very sweet, delicate and almost squash like. We slow cooked it down with orange essence, cinnamon and other pie spices to create this butter! We made a very small limited batch available in our tasting room.

It tastes great with unsweetened yogurt topped with granola and coconut flakes!

We have many of these heirloom seeds saved and we are giving them away. If you are interested in getting some to plant in your own gardens feel free to stop by our kitchen at 1040 4 Street N in St. Pete, or email us at