Kimchi Tofu Tacos

Kimchi and fried marinated tofu are the only two fillings in these tacos, but they are both so flavorful you don't need anything else! 

To make them you'll need:


Small corn tortillas

8 ounces of firm tofu, diced into small cubes

1 TB canola oil

Tofu Marinade:

3 TB soy sauce

1/2 TS chili garlic paste

1 TS fish sauce

1 TS minced ginger

2 TS lime juice

1 clove of garlic minced

Dice tofu into 1/2 inch squares. Combine all the ingredients for the marinade and toss with the tofu. Allow it to sit for about 30 minutes. Then, heat a large wok or cast iron skillet with oil. Using a slotted spoon, remove tofu from marinade and quickly stir fry it on all sides.

Chili - Soy Vinaigrette:

1/2 TS chili garlic paste

2 TB soy sauce

2 TB rice wine vinegar

3 TB neutral oil

Warm tortillas. Fill with tofu. Top with kimchi. Drizzle with chili-soy vinaigrette and cilantro. Enjoy!

You can find our kimchi out at the farmer's markets with us or in our tasting room. If you've had a chance to pick it up before we'd love to see how you're using it! Use hashtag #theurbancanningco and find us on Instagram @theurbancanningco. To see a list of our markets and events head over to our Markets + Events page! Our kitchen and tasting room is located at 1040 4 Street N in St. Petersburg, Florida. Cheers!